Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome & Introduction

  • 2

    The Fundamentals of Integrated Promotional Marketing Communications

    • What is Brand Strategy

    • The Marketing Mix

    • An Introduction to Integrated Promotional Marketing Communications

    • How To Tell Your Brand Story

    • How to Tell Your Brand Story (Case Study Videos)

  • 3

    Understanding Customers and Channels

    • Consumer Segments and Target Audiences

    • Integrating Media and Distribution Channels

    • Marketing Research For Integrated Marketing Communications ( Video Lecture Series)

    • Marketing Research For Integrated Marketing Communications

  • 4

    The Rise of Experiential Marketing ( The Breadth & Scope)

    • The Fundamental Principles of Experiential Marketing & Events

    • Quick Quiz (The Fundamentals of Events & Experiential Marketing)

    • Understanding Consumer Experiences & Experiential Triggers

    • Experiential Marketing Techniques (The BETTER IDEA & Other Frameworks)

    • Contemporary Issues in Experiential marketing in Nigeria

  • 5

    Strategic Event & Experiential Marketing Campaign Management (Tutorial Session 1)

    • The Principles & Techniques of Experiential Marketing (A Practical Guide)

    • Practice Case Study (Immersive Case One)

  • 6

    Strategic Event & Experiential Marketing Management

    • How To Develop An Event & Experiential Marketing Plan And Proposal

    • Quick Quiz (Developing an Event and Experiential Marketing Plan)

    • The Measurement And Control of Experiential Marketing Campaigns

    • The Six Key Metrics You Need to Track for Success of Your Online Events

    • A Guide To Event and Experiential Marketing Technologies (Eventech & Martech)

    • Developing an Agency Digital Experience Methodology & Playbook

    • Video Resource for Developing an Agency Playbook

  • 7

    Strategic Event & Experiential Marketing Campaign Management (Tutorial Session 2)

    • Strategic Event & Experiential Marketing Campaign Management (Tutorial Session 2)

    • Strategic Event & Experiential Marketing Campaign Management (A Practitioner's Guide)

    • International Best Practice Case Study (Immersive Case Two)

  • 8

    Course Wrap Up

    • Professionalism & The Code of Practice of Experiential Marketing

    • How To Write Your Personal

    • Submitting Your Assessment Assignment

    • Course Evaluation

  • 9


    • Qualifying Assessment Assignment

    • Qualifying Assessment Assignment

    • Qualifying Assessment Assignment (Podcast)

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Welcome To The Course

Bonus material

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  • 50 Page Course Workbook

    You receive a 50 page course workbook containing the most up to date concepts, theories and practice frameworks and toolkits to guide you in developing your professional expertise and to help empower you to deliver at the highest level of professional competence.

  • 20 Credit Hours of Blended Learning

    Our certificate courses deliver 20 Hours of blended learning content delivered across 12 Modules. 4 hrs will be delivered through live online instructions, while there will also be 6 hours of pre- recorded content. The one week assignment will require a minimum of 8 hours of self directed work ahead of submission. The final 2 hours will be the discussion of two immersive cases studies in the chat groups.

  • 2 Immersive Case Studies

    Our Instructors will coach you through two case studies (One International and one local) so you gain practical insights which can be applied right away. This will be in addition to numerous other micro examples.

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